Joris GUERRY, Bertrand LE SAUX

We introduce a new robotic RGBD dataset with difficult luminosity conditions: ONERA.ROOM.

This dataset was produce with a Robotnik Summit XL robot and ROS Indigo framework.

All raw data (rosbags), extracted data (RGB images and 8bits depth maps), ground truth
in PASCAL VOC format (xml files), will be made available here:

as well as the extracting code:

and the RGBD annotator code:

If you use ONERA.ROOM, please consider citing:


Licence Creative Commons

ONERA.ROOM of Joris GUERRY and Bertrand LE SAUX is available under BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.




Due to rosbag file sizes the uploading is quite long. Only 2017 sequences are available for now. 2015 and 2016 sequences will be uploaded in the next weeks (before end of May).

Different sets will be made available at the end of the uploading (Easy, Average, Hard, Search’n’Rescue, dark conditions, sunlight interference, etc…) to allow the community to test their algorithms on these challenging data. To facilitate use of some deep learning softwares, a folder tree with relative symbolic link (thus avoiding extra space) will gather all the sequences in three folders :
|— image
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp0.jpg
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp1.jpg
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp2.jpg
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp3.jpg
|        | — …
|— depth_8bits
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp0.png
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp1.png
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp2.png
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp3.png
|        | — …
|— annotations
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp0.xml
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp1.xml
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp2.xml
|        | — sequenceName0_imageNumber_timestamp3.xml
|        | — …

ONERA.ROOM dataset is in line with the Copernic research project and the Delta research project.


We would like to thank gratefully the “ATEXPA Team”, especially Martial Sanfourche, Anthelme Bernard-Brunel, Aurélien Plyer and Hélène Roggeman for their availability during the production of ONERA.ROOM.

Thank you as well to all the people who intervene in the different scenarios:
Un grand merci également à l’ensemble des personnes qui interviennent dans les différents scénarios :

Anthelme Calum Elyse,Emmanuelle, Guillaume, Hélène, Hicham, Juliette, Marcela, Maxime F, Nicolas, Pauline, Philippe, Pierre, Soufiane, Xavier